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Happy 2012

Finally I graduated this year. It was not an easy journey. But I still make it. Of course, behind the scene, there are a lot of people that worth mentioned and appreciated. Dear dear, my family members, da jie, Daniel, Eggy, MacMac, Bean, Iinul and all my church friends. You know who you are. So, a big thank you to you!!!

Decided to work in Australia next year. However, it was not that easy too. Got an offer, found a place to stay (cheap and good location), found (an) awesome housemate(s).. Everything went smoothly until IELTs. No matter how hard I tried, I just could not make it… Disappointed with myself. Feel sorry to friends and family who always supported me. Sorry, guys.. Sorry, dear dear…..

I sort of pity myself (25 years old without any career and so far faced more failure than success). I am lost. Read about story of Joseph this morning. I think he got the similar feeling too. Betrayed by his siblings, sold into slavery, lost and could not find hope… Yet, he still remained faithful and God continue to look after him.

I heard God’s voice saying, do you willing to let go everything and let Me GUIDE you? But is this really you, God??    or is it me who telling myself this??

Is 2012 a good year? Yes, it is. How can I say it is a bad year just because I did not get something I want? Yes, I am disappointed, I am sad. But at the same time, I still have a lot of blessings. Dear dear, friends, time in Australia, serving God in Monash Methodist Church and many many more..

Life will never be the same anymore. 2012 is coming to the end. The world survived its doomsday. God is still as merciful and as loving as ever. I still love my dear dear and my family. My friends are still around me, continue to cherish and support me.

Life will never be the same anymore.. but I know there are always things that remain the same… Happy 2012

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Today I learned that the world is so unfair that most of the time, the results is not worth the efforts put in. I also learned that everything we do is to create a better world, a better us and not because for the stupid 7 marks thingy.

Father Lord, I am learning to let you in charge of everything now.. 🙂

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Before the end

I think I quite like my aged care. Of course, I do believe that it can get far better than what I have now, but I still thankful for the opportunity to work with such a wonderful skills. I noted how unskillful I am and I noted how stupid I am. I will study hard and continue to do my best, I promise you.


Thank you Ward D, Casey Hospital for everything. Hope can get a good referee from here.. hehe..

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I am back in Melbourne. A bit different when friends and neighbours are all away. haha.. A new life, I reckon. Not really looking forward for fifth year. Oh well, need to pretend to be super interested because hopefully can get some really good referees. 🙂 Casey Hospital, I am coming soon..

But first thing first, need to wash Da Hong ASAP.

Oh ya, first time got homesick. Haha…

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Malaysia –> Kuching

Finally, I am back in Kuching with my dear dear. It was hot.. But I like it.

The results came out today. By God’s grace, I passed my forth year. I am really happy for that. But I still have a long way to go before I become a good/skillful doctor. There are still a lot more for me to learn.

Bringing my dear dear to Kuching. I really hope she will enjoy her stay here. After 3 days, we need to start our ‘long distance’ relationship for a month. Dear dear, I will miss you everyday. =)


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